Silicon Valley Dart Club

December 2014 – Infographic for San Francisco Magazine showing the powerful syndicates on the crowdsourcing platform Angellist.

Trompetstraat (2011-2014)

November 2014 – Our studio in Arnhem (NL).

November 2014 – Series of invitations for gallery Plaatsmaken in Arnhem (NL). 

September 2014 – Poster announcement for the 2014-2015 Public Lecture Series at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto. The Miura-Ori folding technique makes it possible to unfold it in just one motion by pulling on opposite ends.

September 2014 – Programming and data visualisation for artist Rossella Biscotti's installation at Museum Haus Esters in Krefeld, Germany. Installation view Museum Haus Esters 2014, © Kunstmuseen Krefeld, photos: Volker Döhne

July 2014 – Book Design of 'Landscape and Energy' for HNS landscape architects – a book about the effects of the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy on our environment.

Vitra Campus Summer Party 2014

June 2014 – Invitation for the VITRA CAMPUS SUMMER PARTY at the Vitra Campus, Weil am Rhein (DE).

June 2014 – Book Design and Infographics for 'Smart about Cities' commissioned by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.

Almost Nature exhibition design

June 2014 – Lettering and titles for a photo exhibition displaying works of Gerco de Ruijter at Museum Jan Cunen. (Exhibition photography by Peter Cox)

May 2014 – Infographic and illustration for the CAT (Carbon Added Tax) walls at the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2014 consisting of about 9000 preprinted stickers in three different colors.

May 2014 – 45 large scale Infographics for IABR–2014–Urban by Nature, the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam. 

Almost Nature invitation

May 2014 – Invitation poster for a photo exhibition displaying works of Gerco de Ruijter at Museum Jan Cunen, Oss (NL). The poster shows de Ruijter's complete collection of 1008 north american circle irrigations sorted by brightness and packed as dense as possible in a circumcircle.

May 2014 – Invitation for the exhibition 'Nine Muses' at gallery Plaatsmaken, Arnhem (NL).

FUR identity

January 2014 – Visual identity for the lectorate FUR (Future Urban Regions).