March 2016 – Book Design of ‘The Metabolism of Albania’ for iabr/UP. more

2016 / architecture / book / catalogus / IABR / Rotterdam

June 2014 – Book Design and Infographics for 'Smart about Cities' commissioned by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. more


May 2014 – Infographic and illustration for the CAT (Carbon Added Tax) walls at the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2014 consisting of about 9000 preprinted stickers in three different colors. more

May 2014 – 45 large scale Infographics for IABR–2014–Urban by Nature, the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam.  more

Wijnhaven (2009-2010)

Rotterdam / studio

bureau lofvers website

July 2008 – Website for Rotterdam based architect Willemijn Lofvers. In collaboration with Lutz Issler (web development).

FGA swiss

June 2008 – Infographic (detail) for Fucking Good Art Magazine, Rotterdam (NL).

Monadnock poster

January 2008 – Poster showing all possible logotypes for Monadnock architects, Rotterdam (NL).

Monadnock logo

February 2007 – Logo for Rotterdam based architects Monadnock. With each save, export or print command, the logo is automatically generated from a postscript file, randomly using two or more of the characters M, O, N, A, D, C and K. In collaboration with Lutz Issler (programming).

van Bergen Kolpa Architecten website

July 2006 – Website for van Bergen Kolpa Architects, Rotterdam (NL). In collaboration with Lutz Issler (web development), Niels van der Sluijs (html).


January 2005 – Floor markings for Parking beneath Housing project in Rotterdam (NL). The size, scale and the efficiency of the deck of an aircraft carrier are references for the design of the floor. The driving routes are optically reduced to leave wider pedestrian friendly routes. A subtle network of columns and marker dots define the proportions of a parking space, oversize numbers mark privately owned places. (photos by van Bergen Kolpa Architects) In collaboration with Lofvers van Bergen Kolpa (architects).

LvBK website

November 2004 – Website for Lofvers van Bergen Kolpa Architects, Rotterdam (NL). In collaboration with Niels van der Sluijs (html).


January 2003 – Storyboard for project presentation of LvBK (Lofvers van Bergen Kolpa Architects) at the first IABR (International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam). In collaboration with Lofvers van Bergen Kolpa.

2003 / animation / architecture / Biennale / lvbk / Rotterdam

December 2002 – Invitation cards for Lofvers van Bergen Kolpa Architects, Rotterdam (NL). more

2002 / architecture / lvbk / Rotterdam

De Boompjes

September 2001 – Poster and book design for an exhibition about urban development in Rotterdam.

2001 / book / Boompjes / poster / Rotterdam