Loretta likes

March 2016 – ‘Loretta Likes’ is a photo camera that feeds its image (taken every day at noon CET) in real time through a computer to computer network. When ‘captured’ by the computer, the photo is saved, corrected and sent on to other networks via systems such as the ‘internet’. When sent to a remote location (, the photo may be liked, viewed or commented there.


July 2013 – 'UNSPEAK' is a web-based interactive documentary investigating the manipulative power of language, based on the book by Steven Poole. A dictionary, datavisualizations and short films made by different directors reveal the unspoken messages and obscured meanings behind familiar media terms such as Weapons of Mass Destruction or Binders Full of Women. In collaboration with Submarine , Systemantics .

August 2012 – Wrapping paper for gallery Plaatsmaken, Arnhem (NL).

Double Pendulum Gear Clock prototype

April 2012 – The first prototype for the Double Pendulum Gear Clock.

April 2012 – Three screenprints made with an analog swarm of 21 bristle bots.

January 2011 – Together with Marije Meerman from VPRO Tegenlicht we developed a TouchDoc app for the iPad.