Loretta likes

March 2016 – ‘Loretta Likes’ is a photo camera that feeds its image (taken every day at noon CET) in real time through a computer to computer network. When ‘captured’ by the computer, the photo is saved, corrected and sent on to other networks via systems such as the ‘internet’. When sent to a remote location (http://lorettalikes.tumblr.com/), the photo may be liked, viewed or commented there.

2016 / Arnhem / photographer / prototype / real-time / rocket science


March 2012 – Logo and website for photographer Matthias Vriens-McGrath. In collaboration with Systemantics (Programming).


June 2011 – Dynamic logo for BL33N, a project by Donovan and Matthias Vriens-McGrath. Photo by Matthias Vriens-McGrath. In collaboration with Lutz Issler (logo generator).