July 2017 – Poster series in 4 colours for ‘Grind the Gap’, an ongoing project at Plaatsmaken in Arnhem, NL. Each poster is printed using a single screen. To create the colour separations the fine-tuning of the screenprint table is used (shift vertical/horizontal, shift diagonal, rotate).

Science Future

October 2016 – Identity for ScienceFuture, an ongoing project of Christine Cynn (Ice-9, Norway). In collaboration with Doeke Wartena (filter) .

October 2016 – Book Design for Nicholas de Monchaux's book ‘Local Code: 3,659 Proposals About Data, Design, and the Nature of Cities’ published by Princeton Architectural Press. The book's data-driven layout arranges drawings of 3,659 digitally-tailored interventions for vacant public land in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, and Venice (IT).

April 2012 – Three screenprints made with an analog swarm of 21 bristle bots.

October 2009 – First two posters of a series about 3D remote sensing.


August 2009 – Visualisaton of sound levels for Sarah van Sonsbeeck. Big dots (darker areas) represent silence as measured by Sarah on site 2F7 in Almere. In collaboration with Sarah van Sonsbeeck (concept, project) , Eva van Diggelen (curator) .

Monadnock poster

January 2008 – Poster showing all possible logotypes for Monadnock architects, Rotterdam (NL).

When bots attack

September 2007 – Illustration for WIRED magazine about a fictive DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on the US. In collaboration with Lutz Issler (postscripting) .

it is not going to stop

May 2003 – How to print/display the sentence 'it is not going to stop' in 43 different programming languages of the last 50 years. The poster was embeded in the magazine DWIAWHGI #2 (magazine design by Jaap Kroneman, Connie Nijman en Nienke Terpsma).