Can $500 Million Save This Glacier?

January 2024 – Information design for New York Times -- A bold engineering project might show a way to slow sea-level rise — and bring new imagination to the fight against climate change.

June 2014 – Book Design and Infographics for 'Smart about Cities' commissioned by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.

October 2013 – Infographics for the book 'The World We Made' by Jonathon Porritt which is written from the viewpoint of a fictional history teacher in 2050.

How Much Do You Have to Make to Be Successful?

May 2013 – Illustration for ESQUIRE magazine, New York (US). The map shows how much a family of four need to have to live very well in 24 cities of the US.

January 2011 – Data illustrations for Architect Magazine, Washington D.C. (US).


March 2010 – Visualisation of gravity fields on earth drawn in CMYK on a pen plotter.

2010 illustration pen plotter

September 2009 – Illustration for The New York Times Magazine, New York (US).


April 2009 – Illustration (detail) for Boston Magazine, Boston (US).

April 2009 – Illustration for Print Magazine, Blue Ash (US).


November 2008 – Standard kilogram (surface deviation multiplied 1.000.000 times) drawn in CMYK on a pen plotter.

2008 illustration pen plotter

Usain Bolt

September 2008 – Illustration using a non-regular print screen pattern for ESPN the Magazine, Bristol (USA).