April 2009 – Illustration (detail) for Boston Magazine, Boston (US).

December 2008 – Series of invitations for gallery Plaatsmaken in Arnhem (NL). Letters are based on 'American Wood Type: 1828–1900' by Rob Roy Kelly.

December 2008 – Infographics on six economic indicators for Architect Magazine, Washington D.C. (US).

December 2008 – Series of infographics analysing all past 25 issues of BRIGHT magazine, Amsterdam (NL).

November 2008 – Infographics for Boston Magazine, Boston (US) on the effect of basketball player Kevin Garnett.


November 2008 – Standard kilogram (surface deviation multiplied 1.000.000 times) drawn in CMYK on a pen plotter.

Slag voor Arnhem

September 2008 – 'Slag voor Arnhem' poster for gallery Plaatsmaken, Arnhem (NL). In collaboration with Thijs Gadiot .

Usain Bolt

September 2008 – Illustration using a non-regular print screen pattern for ESPN the Magazine, Bristol (USA).

Global 500

July 2008 – Cover Illustration for Fortune Magazine, New York (US).

bureau lofvers website

July 2008 – Website for Rotterdam based architect Willemijn Lofvers. In collaboration with Lutz Issler (web development) .

FGA swiss

June 2008 – Infographic (detail) for Fucking Good Art Magazine, Rotterdam (NL).

Energy Market Europe

June 2008 – Illustration of european energy flows for Matador magazine, Hamburg (DE).

Frequently occuring american surnames

June 2008 – Graphic for the artist Reona Ueda, New York (US) showing the Top 1000 frequently occuring american surnames splitted in the six most common population groups. Published in NEWWORK Magazine issue #2.

May 2008 – Neon sign for gallery Plaatsmaken, Arnhem (NL).

April 2008 – Infographic for the Fortune 500 issue of Fortune Magazine, New York (US).

At Random? Ongoing

March 2008 – Mini-workshop organized by LUST at Museum De Paviljoens, Almere (NL). Invited participants from different disciplines (including Martijn van Boven and NEXT Architects) collaborated for one day to produce a ‘publication’ representing the convergence of their ideas.

March 2008 – Series of Infographics for GOOD Magazine, New York (US).

Personal DNA Card

March 2008 – Design for a personal DNA card, commissioned by SEED magazine, New York (US). A fingerprint is generated from the 13 core loci as used by the FBI for human identification. In collaboration with Lutz Issler (line script) .

March 2008 – A small movie is published in the Revolutionary Minds series at SEED Magazine.

January 2008 – Poster series on Parking Violations by Diplomats in New York City, 1997-2005. Thanks to Ray Fisman and Edward Miguel for kindly permitting us to use their data.

Monadnock poster

January 2008 – Poster showing all possible logotypes for Monadnock architects, Rotterdam (NL).