PM logo

February 2024 – Logo for Plaatsmaken, Arnhem

Sonic Acts

May 2022 – Dynamic logo for Sonic Acts


July 2019 – Radio ArtEZ logotype.

2019 ArtEZ logo


June 2019 – Animated logotype for Apria, a new platform for Research Interventions of the Arts.

Das Moped

April 2019 – Logo, Single & EP Vinyl cover for german band Das Moped.

Website Modem

April 2019 – Website for Modem, a practice with experience in software, architecture, urban design, and digital fabrication. Modem uses architectural tools to transform objects, environments, and urban situations, strengthening and improving connections between buildings, cities, and ecologies. In collaboration with Magalie Linda Chetrit (Web development) .

July 2017 – Customized glyphs as a dynamic logotype for modem, an architectural practice in Oakland (US) by Kathryn Moll and Nicholas de Monchaux.

Dit Is Nu Logotype

June 2016 – Logotype for ‘Dit Is Nu’ (‘This is Now’), a project of Jantine Wijnja, who will be touring The Netherlands during june 2016, in order to find out what life in The Netherlands feels like for those who are here.

FUR identity

January 2014 – Visual identity for the lectorate FUR (Future Urban Regions).

TVTOR logo

October 2013 – Masthead design for Matthias Vriens-McGrath's new biannual magazine 'TVTOR'. In collaboration with Bernd Volmer (type design) .

MeMachine Logo

July 2013 – Logo for MeMachine: An artistic, scientific and technological project under the direction of documentary director Monique Nolte which investigates the impact of the improving technical development in social media on behaviour, identity, privacy and social relations.


March 2012 – Logo and website for photographer Matthias Vriens-McGrath. In collaboration with Systemantics (Programming) .


June 2011 – Dynamic logo for BL33N, a project by Donovan and Matthias Vriens-McGrath. Photo by Matthias Vriens-McGrath. In collaboration with Lutz Issler (logo generator) .

Monadnock logo

February 2007 – Logo for Rotterdam based architects Monadnock. With each save, export or print command, the logo is automatically generated from a postscript file, randomly using two or more of the characters M, O, N, A, D, C and K. In collaboration with Lutz Issler (programming) .

November 2006 – Visual identity for Bureau Lofvers, Rotterdam (NL).

company logo

April 2006 – implicit none, logical done.


February 2003 – Visual Identity for 'Young Designers United', a fashion store in Amsterdam (NL).

LvBK Rubber stamps

December 2002 – These rubber stamps function as a visual identity for Lofvers van Bergen Kolpa Architects, Rotterdam (NL).