July 2013 – 'UNSPEAK' is a web-based interactive documentary investigating the manipulative power of language, based on the book by Steven Poole. A dictionary, datavisualizations and short films made by different directors reveal the unspoken messages and obscured meanings behind familiar media terms such as Weapons of Mass Destruction or Binders Full of Women. In collaboration with Submarine , Systemantics .

Immigrant Languages in the United Kingdom

October 2010 – Our contribution to the exhibition 'The Modern Art of Conversation' as a part of the Design Event in Newcastle upon Tyne. It shows the languages spoken in the northeast of England. In collaboration with Nina Bender (intern) .

At Random? Ongoing

March 2008 – Mini-workshop organized by LUST at Museum De Paviljoens, Almere (NL). Invited participants from different disciplines (including Martijn van Boven and NEXT Architects) collaborated for one day to produce a ‘publication’ representing the convergence of their ideas.

it is not going to stop

May 2003 – How to print/display the sentence 'it is not going to stop' in 43 different programming languages of the last 50 years. The poster was embeded in the magazine DWIAWHGI #2 (magazine design by Jaap Kroneman, Connie Nijman en Nienke Terpsma).