August 2019 – Cover design for "¡TODOS DE PIE!" by Jaap Blonk and Frank Rosaly.

Das Moped

April 2019 – Logo, Single & EP Vinyl cover for german band Das Moped.

October 2017 – Cover design for "Asemic Dialogues" by Jaap Blonk and Tomomi Adachi.

April 2016 – Contribution for ‘ExtraPlaats’ a collaboration of Plaatsmaken (silkscreen printing) and Knust / Extrapool (stencilprint). Since both type and image were forbidden for this assignment, we constructed a typeface which is used to encode images as autostereograms.

January 2016 – Cover and divider photos for ADCN 2016 awards catalog. 

2016 cover

January 2015 – Art Direction and Design for TVTOR Magazine issue 2.

TVTOR logo

October 2013 – Masthead design for Matthias Vriens-McGrath's new biannual magazine 'TVTOR'. In collaboration with Bernd Volmer (type design) .


September 2012 – Map for S+RO magazine, The Hague (NL) that shows the urbanisation of dutch communities by neighbourhoods. The size of the circles is based on the population, the color on the amount of addresses/km2.

2012 cover magazine map

Global 500

July 2008 – Cover Illustration for Fortune Magazine, New York (US).

April 2001 – Series of CD covers for composer Jaap Blonk (NL).