site specific

D/S Hestmanden

May 2017 – Filmtitels for documentary screened on D/S Hestmanden in Kristiansand, Norway. The ship is the only remaining Norwegian vessel from the merchant fleet who provided supplies for the allied forces in both world wars. After a complete restoration the ship is opened for public in May 2017 and used as a museum.

2017 D/S Hestmanden film museum site specific

November 2016 – Signage for the Open Day 2016 at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, NL.

2016 Arnhem ArtEZ signage site specific tape

June 2016 – Façade lettering as part of the signage for the Art & Design Finals of the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts’ Class of 2016. The lettering is made of about 760 strokes of (hopefully) easy to remove Nichiban Gaffa Tape.

Vitra Campus Summer Party 2014

June 2014 – Invitation for the VITRA CAMPUS SUMMER PARTY at the Vitra Campus, Weil am Rhein (DE).

October 2013 – Contribution to the 'Verboden Landschap' festival by stichting G.A.N.G.: Visualization of the subterranean structures at former military airfield in Delen.

Rozet fence

June 2013 – Fences for the 'Rozet' building in Arnhem. Architecture by Neutelings Riedijk, Rotterdam.

Vitra Campus Summer Party 2013

April 2013 – Invitation for the VITRA CAMPUS SUMMER PARTY. It shows the periods of sun and moonlight for all days of 2013 at the Vitra Campus, Weil am Rhein (DE). Periods of sun and moonlight are embossed by thermography printing.

Rozet relief

April 2013 – Relief for the facade of the 'Rozet' building in Arnhem. Architecture by Neutelings Riedijk, Rotterdam.

August 2012 – Façade lettering for the installation by inside outside / Petra Blaisse at the dutch pavilion at the Biennale Architettura 2012 in Venice (IT).

August 2012 – Wrapping paper for gallery Plaatsmaken, Arnhem (NL).

Vitra Campus Summer Party 2012

June 2012 – Invitation for the VITRA CAMPUS SUMMER PARTY. It shows the stellar constellation above the Vitra Campus, Weil am Rhein (DE) during the party. The stars glow in the dark.

Double Pendulum Gear Clock prototype

April 2012 – The first prototype for the Double Pendulum Gear Clock.

Where have all the plants gone?

April 2012 – Reconstruction at the studio.

2012 Arnhem jungle site specific studio


April 2012 – Modular signage system for the exhibition Protéiforme organised by Architecture Open Form, Verdun (CA). Exhibition photos by Architecture Open Form.


August 2009 – Visualisaton of sound levels for Sarah van Sonsbeeck. Big dots (darker areas) represent silence as measured by Sarah on site 2F7 in Almere. In collaboration with Sarah van Sonsbeeck (concept, project) , Eva van Diggelen (curator) .

At Random? Ongoing

March 2008 – Mini-workshop organized by LUST at Museum De Paviljoens, Almere (NL). Invited participants from different disciplines (including Martijn van Boven and NEXT Architects) collaborated for one day to produce a ‘publication’ representing the convergence of their ideas.

7x11 website

January 2003 – online artist in residence programm. In collaboration with Niels van der Sluijs (html) .