rocket science

Loretta likes

March 2016 – ‘Loretta Likes’ is a photo camera that feeds its image (taken every day at noon CET) in real time through a computer to computer network. When ‘captured’ by the computer, the photo is saved, corrected and sent on to other networks via systems such as the ‘internet’. When sent to a remote location (, the photo may be liked, viewed or commented there.

Task Newsletter

June 2009 – Pneumatic blowgun published in Task Newsletter #2.

2009 pneumatic pushpin rocket science test

La Boule

March 2009 – CT flies with NORM in Bordeaux!

At Random? Ongoing

March 2008 – Mini-workshop organized by LUST at Museum De Paviljoens, Almere (NL). Invited participants from different disciplines (including Martijn van Boven and NEXT Architects) collaborated for one day to produce a ‘publication’ representing the convergence of their ideas.

waterrocket 02

waterrocket 01