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VINEC 001-009

March 2005 – A series of nine screen-printed posters commenting on the growth of Arnhem and nearby Nijmegen. The series focusses on the A325 highway which connects the two cities.

A325-001: Traffic-intensity/speed/hour in two directions in 2003.

A325-002: Traffic-intensity in two directions for every hour in 2003 except January (due to a malfunctioning traffic detection machine). 

A325-W123: The image morphs to represent the average speed of a Mercedes W123 traveling on March 23, 2005. 

A325-1546: All traffic detection machines used by the cities, high-lighting the Fischer & Porter 1546 from 1965. 

A325-005: All accidents on A325 – location, speed, time of day and day of week – between December 16, 1998 and January 1, 2003. 

A325-N325: 10.000 cars passing a bridge: The time of passing-by, the speed and the distance between two cars. 

A325-slot car: The diagram is based on the direction-preference of traffic on a complex crossroads per hour of the day.  

A325-1:14.000: The poster shows aerial photographs of the A325 (scale 1:14.000). Objects of military importance have been coloured grey by order of the Ministry of Defence.

A325-DETECTIELUS: Instructions for the installation of a traffic detection loop.