June 2021 – Exhibition design for "WEIDS — The Beauty of the North Holland Landscape" at Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar


November 2020 – Design for "Weids" at Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar.

D/S Hestmanden

May 2017 – Filmtitels for documentary screened on D/S Hestmanden in Kristiansand, Norway. The ship is the only remaining Norwegian vessel from the merchant fleet who provided supplies for the allied forces in both world wars. After a complete restoration the ship is opened for public in May 2017 and used as a museum.

June 2016 – Logotype, identity and ephemera for the exhibition ‘Parelgoud’ on the occasion of 30 years of Plaatsmaken at the Museum Arnhem (NL). 

October 2015 – Lettering and titles for exhibition ‘Henk van Os komt thuis’ at Museum Jan Cunen, Oss (NL). (Exhibition photography by Peter Cox)

September 2015 – Invitation and poster for the exhibition 'Henk van Os komt thuis' (Henk van Os comes home) at Museum Jan Cunen, Oss (NL).

Almost Nature invitation

May 2014 – Invitation poster for a photo exhibition displaying works of Gerco de Ruijter at Museum Jan Cunen, Oss (NL). The poster shows de Ruijter's complete collection of 1008 north american circle irrigations sorted by brightness and packed as dense as possible in a circumcircle.

September 2012 – For Plaatsmaken's temporal gallery during Biennale Gelderland at the Museum of Modern Arts in Arnhem all items of the (former) Museum Shop are wrapped in paper with an offset iris print.

June 2012 – Newspaper for the exhibition 'Confrontations – Contemporary Dutch Design' at the Vitra Design Museum at Weil am Rhein (DE).

June 2012 – Double pendulum gear clock made of CNC milled Trespa. This clock illustrates the effects of chaotic pendulum movements on time measurement and is part of the exhibition 'Confrontations - Contemporary Dutch Design' at the Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein (DE).

June 2012 – Exhibition design for 'Confrontations - Contemporary Dutch Design' at the Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein (DE) showing work of 2012Architecten, Studio Formafantasma, Lucas Maassen, Dirk Vander Kooij and Studio Wieki Somers.

May 2010 – Invitation for the 'Make me proud' exhibition of Wayne Horse at Museum Jan Cunen, Oss (NL).

Museum Kurhaus Kleve

January 2007 – Websites for Museum Kurhaus Kleve, B.C. Koekkoek-Huis and Freundeskreis in Kleve (DE). In collaboration with Niels van der Sluijs (html) , Lutz Issler (programming) .