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Landscape and Energy

(July 2014)

Book Design of "Landscape and Energy" for HNS landscape architects, a book about the effects of the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy on our environment.

2014 / atlas / book / information design / statistics

Smart about Cities

(June 2014)

Book Design and Infographics for "Smart about Cities" commissioned by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.

2014 / atlas / IABR / illustration / information design / map / Rotterdam

Museum Jan Cunen 2014

(May 2014)

Invitation poster for a photo exhibition displaying works of Gerco de Ruijter at Museum Jan Cunen, Oss, NL. The poster shows de Ruijter's complete collection of 1008 north american circle irrigations sorted by brightness and packed as dense as possible in a circumcircle.

2014 / art / atlas / museum / poster

Kiribati relocated

(March 2013)

Series of four plotted posters about Tarawa which is part of the island nation Kiribati. With an maximum altitude of about 3 meters above sea level this could be the first nation which inhabitants have to be relocated in the next 50 years due to rising sea levels and pollution of drinking water. In collaboration with Silja Klepp (research).

2013 / atlas / information design / Kiribati / pen plotter / remote sensing

The Phaidon Atlas

(October 2012)

Maps and infographics for 'The Phaidon Atlas: 20th Century World Architecture'.

2012 / architecture / atlas / information design / map / pattern / Phaidon