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(October 2013)

Masthead design for Matthias Vriens-McGrath's new biannual magazine "TVTOR" In collaboration with Bernd Volmer (type design).

2013 / corporate design / cover / fashion / logo / magazine / Matthias Vriens-McGrath / TVTOR


(October 2013)

Contribution to the VERBODEN LANDSCHAP festival by stichting G.A.N.G.: Visualization of the subterranean structures at former military airfield in Delen. In collaboration with FUGRO (Scans).

2013 / about / exhibition / G.A.N.G. / site specific

The World We Made

(October 2013)

Infographics for the book 'The World We Made' by Jonathon Porritt which is written from the viewpoint of a fictional history teacher in 2050.

2013 / book / illustration / information design / Phaidon


(October 2013)

Infographic for 8x8 Magazine.

2013 / Barcelona / Buckyball / information design / international / Madrid / magazine / soccer

Plaatsmaken invitations 06

(October 2013)

Series of invitations using iridescent printing for PLAATSMAKEN.

2013 / invitation / irisdruk / Plaatsmaken / screenprint

WIRED / Food Network

(October 2013)

Four interactive infographics based on the online recipe database FOOD NETWORK for WIRED magazine. In collaboration with Systemantics (programming).

2013 / information design / interactive / magazine / user statistics / wired

Daniels Faculty 03

(September 2013)

Poster announcement for the 2013-2014 Public Lecture Series at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto. The Miura-Ori folding technique makes it possible to unfold it in just one motion by pulling on opposite ends.

2013 / architecture / Daniels Faculty / miura fold / pattern / poster / rigid origami

MeMachine Projectsite

(July 2013)

Projectsite for MeMachine. The project aims to investigate the impact of the recent technical development in the field of social media on behaviour, privacy, identity and social relations. A custom suit is developed to monitor all activities of its wearer and publish all information right away for public. In collaboration with Systemantics (programming).

2013 / memachine / pentagon / website

MeMachine Logo

(July 2013)

Logo for MeMachine: An artistic, scientific and technological project under the direction of documentary director Monique Nolte which investigates the impact of the improving technical development in social media on behaviour, identity, privacy and social relations.

2013 / logo / media / memachine / pentagon


(July 2013)

A web-based interactive documentary investigating the manipulative power of language, based on the book by Steven Poole. A dictionary, datavisualizations and short films made by different directors reveal the unspoken messages and obscured meanings behind familiar media terms such as Weapons of Mass Destruction or Binders Full of Women. In collaboration with Submarine, Systemantics.

2013 / information design / language / map / real-time / website

rozet: fence

(June 2013)

Fences for the new 'Kenniscluster' building in Arnhem. Architecture by Neutelings Riedijk, Rotterdam.

2013 / architecture / Arnhem / library / pattern / penrose / site specific

BUILDER / Severe weather in the US

(June 2013)

Map for BUILDER Magazine showing severe weather in the US over the past 50 years: Tornado Tracks, Kernel Wind and Hurricane Density.

2013 / information design / magazine / map

WIRED / Explosion of delays

(June 2013)

Infographic for WIRED Issue 21.07 showing an explosion of delays caused by one delayed seed flight.

2013 / information design / magazine / wired


(May 2013)

Illustration for ESQUIRE magazine Issue August 2013. The map shows how much it costs to live in certain cities of the US.

2013 / illustration / information design / magazine / map

Sun & Moon

(May 2013)

Periods of sun and moonlight for all days of 2013 (pen plot).

2013 / information design / manned spaceflight / pen plotter


(April 2013)

Logotype voor the PopUp store "Naast de Paardenslager" (Next to the Horse Butcher). The shop is open during the Fashion Biennale 2013 in Arnhem.

2013 / fokking / paarden / pardon


(April 2013)

Vitra Invitation

(April 2013)

Invitation for the VITRA CAMPUS SUMMER PARTY. It shows the periods of sun and moonlight for all days of 2013 at the Vitra Campus, Weil am Rhein (DE). Periods of sun AND moonlight are embossed by thermography printing.

2013 / information design / paramounting / site specific / Vitra

Plaatsmaken invitations 05

(April 2013)

Series of invitations using iridescent printing for PLAATSMAKEN.

2013 / Arnhem / art / invitation / irisdruk / Plaatsmaken / screenprint

rozet: relief

(April 2013)

Relief for the facade of the new 'Kenniscluster' building in Arnhem. Architecture by Neutelings Riedijk, Rotterdam.

2013 / architecture / Arnhem / concrete / library / pattern / penrose / site specific

Fast Company

(March 2013)

"What Kickstarter has kickstarted" infographic for Fast Company Magazine.

2013 / information design / magazine / map

Plaatsmaken door

(March 2013)

Vinyl cut for Plaatsmaken, Arnhem.

2013 / Arnhem / Plaatsmaken

Kiribati relocated

(March 2013)

Series of four plotted posters about Tarawa which is part of the island nation Kiribati. With an maximum altitude of about 3 meters above sea level this could be the first nation which inhabitants have to be relocated in the next 50 years due to rising sea levels and pollution of drinking water. In collaboration with Silja Klepp (research).

2013 / atlas / information design / Kiribati / pen plotter / remote sensing

Hemisphere Magazine

(January 2013)

Infographic for Hemisphere Magazine.

2013 / information design / magazine

Architect Magazine 2013-01

(January 2013)

Infographic comparing study tracks for the January issue 2013 of Architecture Magazine.

2013 / Architect Magazine / architecture / information design / magazine